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Why do you need a personal website?

For anyone who works professionally, especially online, it's imperitive to have a strong online presence. A strong online presence begins with your personal page.

Your personal page might be your first impression you make, when someone searches for you.

Your personal page is your opportunity to show off your proudest achievements, and any projects or products you may like to share.

"Advice to every online creator: own your distribution.

Build a simple personal website.

Then, create an email list and ask people to subscribe.

Email is — by far — the best place to build an audience."

  - David Perell

Upcoming features

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    Custom Pages
    Create additional pages using Markdown.
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    Custom Links
    Link to your products, your books -- anything!
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    Accept Payments
    Accept payments for your work directly on your page.
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    Schedule meetings.

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